Good transitions for young people

Many adolescents experience the transfer to the adult clinic as very difficult, and research has shown that poor transfers can have significant health effects. Transition is a process where adolescents with long-term health problems receive individually adapted information and increased responsibility for their own health. It is our responsibility in the health care services to ensure good transitions for adolescents.

This e-learning programme will provide basic knowledge about the adolescent patient. It is about how health care personnel can promote health by receiving and treating the adolescent in the best possible way. It also deals with how management, organization and cooperation can contribute to good transition.

The target group is employees working for health care providers
that receive adolescent patients.

It has been made with a basis in somatic treatment within the specialist health care services,
but other parts of the health care service may also benefit from the programme.

The programme consists of seven films 2-6 minutes long, each with a different theme. The films can also be featured at professional gatherings and events.

We wish to thank the Norwegian Directorate of Health for supporting the project.

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Film 1
Film 2
Film 3
Film 4
Film 5
Film 6
Film 7